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“Over 50% of all web traffic is currently spammers, bots, malware and hackers. If you haven’t already joined with us in protecting your website, we highly, highly recommend it. The fact is that sites are getting hacked left and right these days. And most of the time, for no reason more than a hacker thousands of miles away just happening to find a way in or a web spider that got through a hosting companies firewall, etc. If your site isn’t protected and secured, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a breach. Our security plan lets you (and us) sleep better at night knowing that your site is protected, up to date and well maintained.”




Why don’t you let us take on the stress of making sure your site is protected, maintained, backed up and the design is up to date.

While we have our website security & maintenance plan initially to protect our clients sites from getting hacked. And while we succeed doing so, we found out there was another need for our clients once a site went live…maintenance and optimization.

Once a website is live, it’s not only important to protect it from malware and hackers that can take your site down and destroy your Google rankings, but it’s also important to keep the tools in the site updated and to make sure the site as a whole is running quickly and efficiently.

But that’s not all – our plan includes backups, monthly reports and more! Essentially, we make sure your site is running smoothly and stays protected, updated and maintained.



Most website exploits take advantage of out-dated themes, plugins, or WordPress. By keeping everything up to date and by implementing a few extra security measures, we can help reduce the risk of your website being compromised.



If your website is running slow, it can potentially lower sales, reduce your search engine rankings and even lose customers/visitors. Outdated or unsupported plugins can play a big role in hindering your website’s performance.


You have a business to manage and it takes a lot of time and effort to keep your site running smoothly. By hiring us to help you maintain your website, the chances of your site being down or needing major repairs are greatly reduced.



The folks who are responsible for the WordPress framework have made it clear that they will continue to focus on making WP better which is awesome. But it also means many more updates to come (and potential conflicts or bugs). So let us help you protect your investment.


1) Updates & Optimization

We keep your site updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and fast.

  • wordpress, theme monitored & updated
  • site cleared and optimized weekly
  • plugins monitored and updated

2) Protection & Security

Your site is scanned daily and has a firewall which is basically a security net protecting it.

  • website firewall protection
  • daily scanning
  • hackers & spam denied
  • reports on what’s been blocked

3) Backups & Restore Points

Your site is backed up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time.

  • weekly website backups
  • backed up in different locations
  • weekly points for quick restores

4) Monthly Reports

We optionally send you a monthly report of your page views, site traffic and more.

  • monthly google analytics report of page views, site traffic details and more

Along with all of that, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your site is safe and that you have us in your corner
for any quick updates or any issues you may encounter!


What packages do you offer?
Currently, we offer three packages: Earth, Galaxy and Universe.
What is the difference between these three packages?
All three packages contain basic technical assistance, such as updating themes, plugins, monitoring issues, basic security. The earth package is meant for small websites, no shop or multilingual features, no custom coding or custom solutions.

The Galaxy and Universe packages are there to support medium to large websites, including shops, and or multilingual websites. These packages contain next to technical support also 45 or 90 minutes functional support per month, which can be used for small design changes, content updates, advice, questions and suggestions. The Universe package adds another security layer, automated uptime monitoring and priority customer support to that.

How often do you run updates?
We will run standard updates once per week. If there is an important update to prevent security issues, we will address those right away. We often wait a week or two before implementing major WordPress or Divi updates so that all the bugs get ironed out first.
How often do you run backups?
We run daily backups at all packages, we backup at two different locations in the cloud. We can at any given point in time, go back to any given point in time.
What if my plugin is no longer supported?
The plugin is still monitored for issues as before. If no breaking changes or other issues are presented, it remains on the site. We frequently encounter plugins with a variety of issues; in such cases, the customer is notified of better (and up-to-date) alternatives.
What are my payment options?
You can pay per month, three-months, half year or year.
Do you offer 24/7 support?
No we do not. Our support hours are 10am – 8pm CEST, Monday through Friday.
Outside these hours there usually is still email support available, but not guaranteed.
What happens if my site breaks when you update WordPress or my plugin(s)/theme(s)?
If the site breaks and we can fix it immediately (an obvious or known issue) we will immediately fix the issue and send a notification to your account contact email address. If the fix is unknown or not immediate, we will roll the site back to the most recent backup (created before the update).

We will spend up to one (1) hour of time fixing/troubleshooting the issue – if we cannot fix within that time, we will give you a time/cost estimate and let you decide if you would like us to move forward.

How do I submit a request for basic theme and plugin modifications?
You can submit all requests by mailing to [email protected]
How do I request additional support and/or site customizations?
Simply send us a mail and we will respond as soon as possible to support your needs. We use a special discounted hourly rate for DP clients, of 85,50Eur/hour (instead of 119Eur/hour).

A few things our existing clients use their hour for:

  • User Interface troubleshooting (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Styling elements with CSS
  • Content Population & Image Manipulation
  • Creation of basic graphics (e.g. buttons, banners, etc.)
  • WordPress Consulting (pick our brains!)
  • Optimization of CSS, Javascript and Images
  • Theme & Plugin Audits
  • Plugin installation and implementation

This discounted hourly rate is subject to review by DP management. It cannot be used for full site re-designs, new projects or anything outside of the existing site’s domain/WordPress installation.

Can you re-design our website? What if we have a specific project/web design/development need?
Yes we can! And we like to help. We are specialized in WordPress, WooCommerce, Divi, Web Design, CSS and Web Marketing. To learn more, just contact us at: [email protected]
Do my hours rollover if unused?
Unfortunately not. Your development time must be used every month or you will forfeit your development time for that month.
Do I have to change web-hosting providers?
No, you do not – but we will most likely recommend one of our preferred hosting partners. Your website is an investment and you should pay for quality hosting. There are varieties of low, medium and high cost hosts we recommend. We will help you choose which is right for you and provide a signup link.
Are there requirements for my web-hosting environment?
Yes – to get all the benefits of our service, we highly recommend the following environment:

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • HTTPS support
  • SFTP and/or SSH capable and enabled (read and write access)

If your host does not support any of our recommended backup options or does not meet our minimum requirements for hosting, you may not be eligible to receive all benefits of our service.

What do I need to provide in order to use your service?
WordPress Admin, FTP, and SSH access.

If you are unsure of how to provide us with those details go ahead and sign-up, we will be with you shortly to help get the access we need.

We take great care to ensure security of your personal information, login credentials, and all other information we collect. Further reading can be found at our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Does DP Maintainenance support multi-site WordPress installs?
Due to the variable nature of multisite installations, WordPress Multsite is not included in our package. Do you have a multisite installation? Shoot us an email today to find out more about what we can do for you.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes – After the first month, you can cancel within 30-days of your renewal date. You’re never required to stay with us – in fact, we’d prefer you have the option to leave if you’re unhappy with our service and give us feedback on how we can serve you better.
What is Divi?
Divi is a WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes. We use it as a framework which we will build upon. Its many amazing features and great community support give you the best in options for customization and management of your own website after it’s initial construction.
Do I need a license for Divi?
As a licensed developer I am permitted to install and use Divi on as many projects as we want. If you choose to discontinue our services, I recommend you purchase a license to stay current with security updates and upgrades.
What if I have multiple websites?
The fees mentioned above are per site. At this time we do not offer discounts on multiple websites.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If at any time you feel like you haven’t received the service you signed up for, you will get your money back. This only goes back 30 days. We do not offer refunds for prior month’s services.

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